Avis Nigeria has been a car hire company that came into existence in 2006. The company Turtle Car Rental got the franchise from Avis international, and immediately started its operation with its main head office in Lagos, and has branches all over the country. Avis has been providing services to mainly the business customers. The aim of this thesis was to look at the role Avis has played in the tourism development in Nigeria, by looking at the level of customer satisfaction, and service quality.

The empirical part describes the qualitative method that was applied on this, which includes the interviewed. The semi structured interview was used because the nature of the research gives rise to the type of interview that was adopted which was the semi structured interview, because of the volatility of the research which is customers satisfaction this form of research was best adopted.

The outcome of this research has shown the role, Avis has played in the tourism development in Nigeria; the conclusion drawn from the research findings was that Avis should renew some aspects of its service delivered to its customers.


1.1       Research problem
1.2       Aims and objectives of the thesis
1.3       Limitation to study

2.1       Tourism products
2.2       Tourism in Nigeria

3.1       Target group
3.2       Services offered by Avis
3.2.1    Airport transfers
3.2.2    Inbound and outbound bookings
3.2.3    Long and short term rentals
3.2.4    Telephone services
3.2.5    Bars and restaurants
3.2.6    Hotel reservation
3.2.7    Flight reservation
3.3       Fleet of vehicle
3.4       Fleet management
3.5       Human resource management
3.5.1    Staff welfare
3.5.2    Internal marketing
3.6       Partnership
3.7       Marketing
3.8       Avis as an agent of tourism development

4.1       Research method
4.2       Qualitative research method
4.3       Presenting the results of the research
4.4       Analysis of the research interview
4.4.1    Analysis of the corporate client interview
4.4.2    Analysis of the customer care personnel interview
4.5       Findings
4.6       Reliability and validity

5.1 Recommendations
5.2       Conclusion

Nigeria located on the western part of Africa, shares border in the north with Niger republic, Cameroun to the east, to the south the Atlantic Ocean and Benin to the west. Nigeria is a nation of 150million people, making it the most populous nation in Africa with 250 ethnic groups, 36 states and a Federal capital territory (FCT) Abuja which is the seat of power of the government. Nigeria is a member of OPEC which ranks it among the developing nations with prospect of becoming one of mixed emerging economy market. There has been development in many parts of the economy among which, one is the transportation sector. The sector is going through a new phase with the help of the government re-installing the railways lines in order to promote adequate and efficient transportation for consumers (Lagos state government, 2001.)

The Nigeria tourism sector is mostly centred on the culture due to the large number of ethnic groups available, nevertheless there is also rainforest, savannah, waterfalls, attractions, national parks, meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibition, (MICE) and much more. A large part of the sector is undergoing development.

Travel and transportation cannot be discussed without taking tourism into account. Also tourism cannot flourish without travel, which brings us to the idea of transportation as an inherent part of the tourism industry, and with the improvement of transportation tourism has also been elaborated.

Avis, pioneering the wheels of transportation in Nigeria, has brought about a huge development in the transport industry to enable the tourism development to achieve its goal. Transportation links the various destinations and ferries people, goods, and services. Tourism is all about travel; and the role of transportation in its operation is vital. It is largely due to the improvement of transportation that tourism has expanded. The advent of air travel has made the world smaller, and the motor vehicle has made travel to anywhere possible. This reality coupled with changing work patterns and innovative marketing has driven international mass tourism over the years. With the inception of Avis in Nigeria in 2006 enabling the issuance of license to Turtles car rental an indigenous company which operates car rental on the shores of Nigeria, the company has been faced with the task of trying harder to make everything about car rental a possibility throughout the whole nations and Beyond. The risk of you getting to anywhere in the world being worried of getting an efficient and friendly service does not arise with Avis, since it has international network available all around the globe.

However, in this thesis much emphasis will be placed on the impact the transportation sector has had on the development of tourism in Nigeria; there has been tremendous development in tourism with the help of transport sector. There has been motivation to write about the topic, because the future is bright in the field of transportation in Nigeria. Avis is providing a corporate car hire service to the public and the masses, and also looking for a way to improve the services rendered to the customers. The company is also looking at future plans to improve on the development of tourism.

1.1 Research problem
Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of any service industry. This thesis will be looking at the level of customer satisfaction achieved by Avis through their provision of services to their various customers, and also to ascertain the level and impact the company has had on developing the tourism sector. In the view of how important tourism is to a nation, the problem connected to the transport sector is certainly a serious problem. Avis is a multinational company in Nigeria providing services to companies, and there was a need to look at the services provided to customers, and how satisfied the customers are, and this motivated this research.

1.2 Aim and objectives of the thesis
The main aim of writing this thesis is to look into the role Avis Transportation Company is playing in the tourism development in Nigeria, with regards to transportation services, and quality services rendered to its customers. Avis provides its services to mainly the business tourists and some other tourist at request. The aim is to determine the customer satisfaction which Avis provides to its clients at all time, a thorough study on how the customers are satisfied with the services they are paying for. The qualitative study can give useful information for developing tourism in Nigeria......

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