THE IMPACT OF ENTERTAINMENT ON TOURISM (Case Study: Agency Remarc in Greece)

This research was made in accordance to the social life and performances of different countries in Europe and America vis-à-vis flow of entertainment tourist to certain destination, comparing and contrasting, what people do in their leisure time and where they would rather choose to visit when they want to relax from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. An in-depth analysis and study was made about a foremost supplier of entertainment and hotel animation to top accommodation providers for tourists in Greece which is Agency Remarc, while also delving into the structural capacity of its workforce and how they are able to achieve the long term goal of the company.

The final literature research aimed at hotel animation as an important factor in the accommodation industry in which tourism belongs to, delves into how hotels can maximize its potential using hotel entertainment and animation to keep it guest and attract new one by experience setting and building a well-structured marketing strategy

The method used to gather information was through collation of secondary data also the empirical part involves the use of qualitative research method with semi-structured interview used to gather information from stakeholder in the business.

The final result gotten was a changing trend visible in the tourist that Agency Remarc gets from eastern European countries and the need to include diverse program that appeals with guests from those region.


1.1 Research background
1.2 Research Objectives and Questions
1.3 Limitation to study

2.1 Global perspective
2.2 Characteristics of entertainment and leisure tourism
2.3 Operating sectors of the tourism industry

3.1 Past and present
3.2 Trends in entertainment tourism
3.3 Demographic distribution of entertainment tourists

4.1 Four P´s of an entertainment attraction
4.2 Marketing an entertainment region
4.3 Entertainment as a tourism boost.

5.1 Basis for animation
5.2 Today’s animation world in Greece

6.1 Trends and challenges facing the Greek hotel animation industry
6.2. Experience setting in a hotel
6.3 Holiday motivation, expectation and perception

7.1 Sunseafun company
7.2 Company operations and professional offers
7.3. Recruitment Process at Agency Remarc

            8.1 Qualitative research method
            8.2 Semi structured interview method
            8.3 Presenting the results of the research
            8.4 Presenting the company operator/HR interview
            8.5 Reliability and validity


Tourism is a vast subject which has with various branches. There are companies and sectors that benefit directly and indirectly from this large sector both in the long and short run, these sectors rely on the inflow of tourists or foreigners from other countries to keep their business moving. Moreover, apart from banking, sports and other industries which are rigid but also paramount to the effective running of other sectors of the economy, the decision to bring the entertainment part of the tourism industry to the forefront of this research is due to the important role it plays in the tourism industry. Little attention is paid to this aspect of the tourism industry but many tourists on holiday trips across the globe and away from their familiar region always depend on the entertainment sector of the tourism industry to give them a memorable and pleasurable holiday.

1.1 Research background
This thesis is done from a qualitative research perspective. It is aimed at structurally analyzing the entertainment industry by carrying out interviews with professionals and consumers in the entertainment tourism world using semi-structured interview session, and introducing the viable market of entertainment and leisure tourism to the reader from the viewpoint of the author. It is also expected to give a foresight into the expectations and how a typical leisure and entertainment destination looks like, while analyzing the important factors of entertainment. It will also take a concrete look at the differences between entertainment tourism and other types of tourism which could all be categorized as a form of Leisure tourism, e.g. adventure tourism, and sports/recreational tourism. It will also compare and contrast different entertainment regions, and finally give a typical example of cases where people travel for entertainment purposes. The above mentioned plan is aimed at helping the reader get a vivid and mental imagination of what an entertainment tourist expects or experiences on his/her sojourn for pleasure.

Entertainment tourism is a popular niche of tourism in the world today. Just as the book, “Eye witness travel”, on northern Spain dedicated pages few pages for entertainment in northern Spain; it is evident that most tourists in this era now approach tourism with different expectations. Rather than just going on a sightseeing tour and sitting on the beach all day (World Tourism Organization 1999, 118), they often search for more intense and energetic experiences like parties or concerts. They would rather choose to go on a vacation to a more entertaining area to have fun and enjoy memorable moments away from their busy schedule rather than ending up on another stressful journey. To give a clearer picture of an entertainment tourist, the five scenarios below are carved out for the reader to choose which one encompasses leisure or ‘entertainment tourism’.

Imagine a group of four friends taking a trip to Ibiza for two weeks, just to enjoy the party scene and club lifestyle in the city. In doing so, they will be booking a hotel and will have time to enjoy the ambience and beauty of the beaches in the famous Spanish city, also a fun-loving 28 year-old Canadian business man, who recently got a holiday from work and decided to spend it on a trip to Las Vegas casino. He also hopes to see the traditional Las Vegas performances and Free shows. A family of five from the United Kingdom, who got an all-expenses-paid trip to visit the famous Disney world Paris for 1 week, hoping to have a nice vacation, group of young university girls from Poland, who bought concert tickets to see a musical performance of their favorite musician in Dublin, Ireland and finally,a travelling agency involved in organizing a 10-day trip to different clubs and bars across major cities in Europe.

With the cases and scenarios mentioned above, one can see that these kinds of trips take place on a daily basis. These trips not only provide pleasure for the tourist, but also serve as a source of employment and income for most businesses around the region, thereby influencing the country economically in the long run.....

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