Women empowerment, financing in business is very vital and of utmost importance because of the level of which our global world is moving. This project work is aimed at dishing out the need for women to be given reasonable opportunities in business. Also, in the research work a lot will be dealt with on women in business though at small scale and it will be more narrowed down to the incubation centre that is situated in Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi state at the Northern part of Nigeria. Furthermore, the activities carried out is business by women will be examined. All will then be narrowed down to the Technology Incubation Centre Birnin Kebbi. Further, the research work will examine women empowerment; how women are being empowered in small scale business. Then finally, the researcher will work on the effect of the role of the Technology Incubation Centre on women empowerment on small scale business.


Title page
Table of contents

1.0       Introduction
1.1       Background to the study
1.2       Statement of the problem
1.3       Research objectives
1.4       Research questions
1.5       Scope and limitation of the study
1.6       Definition of terms
1.7       Research hypothesis

2.0       Literature review
2.1       Introduction
2.2       Historical background of technology incubation centre
2.3       The technology incubation centre
2.4       Technology incubation
2.5       The clients
2.6       Tips about technology incubation center Birnin Kebbi
2.7       Activities of technology incubation centre
2.8       The information technology and administrative support
2.9       Women latent hand empowered in many small scale business

3.0       Research methodology
3.1       Introduction
3.2       Research design
3.3       Method of data collection
3.4       Method of data analysis

4.0       Data presentation and analysis
4.1       Research analysis
4.2       Research findings
4.3       Research evaluation

5.0       Summary, conclusion and recommendation
5.1       Summary of the research work
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Recommendations

Women empowerment is a very significant and sensitive issue that should not be under estimated in our global world today. There are key roles that are meant for women to play in order to effect a positive change in our world.

Empowering women can make or mare a nation. Therefore when we talk about women empowerment, we need to emphasise that it is a positive one such that effect good happenings. The researcher will like to briefly mention some powerful women; women in power; that is women that are naturally empowered by God and also by nature. These are powerful women like queen Amina of Zaria, queen Elizabeth of England, Ruh and queen Esther in the Bible, to mention but a few.

In the business world and activities, women need to be strongly empowered because the world is changing on daily basis. Research has brought to our knowledge that many African countries have gone far in empowering their women in small scale business. Even the American Countries are not left behind. In other words, Nigeria has a great need to wake up to the task. A Philosopher once said, “If you train or educate a man, you have only succeeded to make an individual; but if you train or educate a woman, you have built a nation”. Any country that fails to empower its women in business will remain backward. Nature has given women power to influence and if women are permitted to utilize this natural endowed gift, our economy will change and improve for good.

In the world today, as we have the Technology Incubation Centre here in Nigeria to support and assist women that have little or no resource to start up a small scale business; so also does the African countries have an organization called “The Root Capital” it performs exactly the way our Technology Incubation Centre does. All their goal is to help a small starter in business grow well and survive. It was founded in 2004.

Women Empowerment Root Capital are in different regions such as: Mexico and Caribbean, Central America, South America, East Africa, and West Africa. And in places like this, women produce coffee, fruits and vegetables for business in small scale.

The Root Capital perform many roles such as: sustaining the environment with all kinds of small scale businesses in order to improve their economy; empowering women; promoting food security; making peace and recovery. Women need to be strongly empowered because women play....

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