This thesis is a written report on the events organised to raise awareness as well as fund raising to help the victims of Famine in Somalia and Kenya. It also aimed at using small events to make impacts, highlighting how events can be used as a form of educative means to encourage volunteerism among young adults. The project was named “Impact your world” due to the fact that different forms of events was used to achieve this goal.
The project was commissioned by HAAGA-HELIA and Red Cross Finland. It was written in the perspective of the author of this thesis who was the event manager, organizer and implementation officer at every stage of the project.
This thesis is divided into four parts, the introduction, giving an outline of the project and its broader frame of reference, the project description that explained the detail of the project at every stage, the project results, evaluation and analysis. It also includes the description of step by step implementation of the event through out the project timeline: the event venue, coordination of participants, weather condition as it influence the event, the activities in each event, catering, guest performers and speakers.
The author describes in detail event atmosphere as well as sponsorship sourcing processes. Meanwhile, the evaluation of the author`s performance, recommendations for future purposes as regards events and the evaluation of the project is clearly stated at the last part of this report.

1. Introduction
1.1 Thesis Overview
1.2 Task setting and background
1.3 Structure and conduct of the study
1.4 Aims of the project
1.5 Aim of the Thesis

2  Events and Events management
2.1 Event operations management model
            2.1.1 Types of events
2.2 Events planning
            2.2.1 Planning for the event
2.3 The strategic event planning process
            2.3.1 The event statement of purpose, mission and vision
            2.3.2 Sponsorship of events
            2.3.3 Trends influencing the growth of sponsorship
            2.3.4 Benefit of sponsorship ready events
2.4 Implementation and delivery- Event production
            2.4.1 Human resource management and events
            2.4.2 Project management for events
            2.4.3 Event evaluation
            2.4.4 When should an event manager evaluate the event?
            2.4.5 Impacts of events
2.5 Event tourism strategic planning process
            2.5.1 Development of event tourism goals
            2.5.2 Creation of event tourism organizational structure
            2.5.3 Development of event tourism strategy
            2.5.4 Implementation of event tourism strategy
            2.5.5 Evaluation of event tourism
2.6 Events and the hospitality industry
2.7 Reasons for Special Events
2.8 Red Cross Activity

3  Impact your world events
            3.1.1 Event objectives, aims and type of event
            3.1.2 Target audience of event
            3.1.3 Theme of event
3.2 Project Plan
            3.2.1 Famine in Somalia and Kenya
            3.2.2 Areas of food shortages in Eastern Africa
            3.2.3 Permission for the event and publicity
            3.2.4 Successful planning
3.3 Event production
            3.3.1 Balloon Release as a fundraising tool
            3.3.2 Signature petition
            3.3.3 Seminar
            3.3.4 Project measurement and evaluation
            3.3.5 Reasons for unmet targets

4  Conclusion and summary
            4.1.1 Overall outcome of the event
            4.1.2 Evaluation of Author`s activity
4.2 Recommendations

1    1.Introduction
1.1     Thesis Overview
Over the years, the need for volunteerism has grown among people of all ages. Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and the United Nation for instance have used volunteerism as tools of helping humanities. For example, the United Nations program such as the United Nations Volunteers program, an arm of the UN that supports peace and other relief development programs around the globe have been in frequent reli-ance on volunteerism. (United nations in the philippines,1). Another prominient organization that has frequently use volunteerism globally is the Redcross international. The Red Cross for instance has carried out relieves programs all year round especially in the countries where there are dire humanitarian need.

However, as a volunteer, the need to encourage others to participate and energize those doing already cannot be underestimated; as a result, the need to perform social and educational functions has been on the rise over the past decades.

According to the United Nations, the cooperation and commitment of the public sec-tor, civil society and private sector with the support of the world community at large is highly significant in other to achieve active participation in the course of help to hu-manity at large. (United nations in the philippines,1).

Meanwhile, volunteers are faced with the problem of trust and necessary support espe-cially when dealing with public, this emphasis the reason sensitization of the public in highly important.

Often times, most non-governmental organizations are tagged as corrupt which make it difficult on the issue of trust for on-coming young and energized individuals to par-ticipate in voluntary services and hence, most individuals who have the zeal and energy to serve, often hide under the umbrella of standardized institutions such as the Red Cross and the UN.

Impact your world event is an event that was born out of passion for humanity and aimed to inculcate organizing small events and volunteerism for academic purpose (thesis) with the support of the Finnish Red cross Helsinki. The whole process of this event from the beginning as well as challenges, permission, seminar held, fund collec-tion, volunteerism were explained in this thesis.

1.2       Task setting and background
This report is based on the project work Impact your world events that was organized with the help of HAAGA-HELIA and the Red Cross between November, 2011 and May, 2012.

The author of this thesis practicality carried out the event including the organizing, managing as well as the overall implementation from the beginning to the end of the project.

The project is aimed at creating charity events to help the victims of Famine in Somalia and Kenya, creating awareness in Helsinki and also educating fellow students on the need for volunteerism. Two students of the Experience and Wellness Management of HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences implement the project but this thesis report was written as an individual report.

It started by informing the supervisor of this thesis, informing the school about the project and directions were given as to what steps that such events should take. The discussions also include the permits to be taken and what the school would be able to provide for the implementation of the project in terms of materials needed for imple-mentation of the project.

Furthermore, the Helsinki Red Cross was also contacted and upon discussion of the project aim and objectives as a thesis academic work, with the highlight that the...

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