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1.1   Background of the study
1.2       Statement of the problem
1.3       Objectives of the study
1.4       Research questions
1.5       Research hypothesis
1.6       Limitation of the study
1.7       Significance of the study
1.8       Definition of terms

Review of the related literature
2.1   An overview of merger and acquisition
2.2       Historical Development of Mergers and Acquisitions in Nigeria
2.3       Types of merger and acquisition
2.4       Reasons for merger and acquisition
2.5       Regulatory authorities in merger and acquisition
2.6       Facilitators in merger and acquisition
2.7       Basic steps to ensure legally consummated merger and acquisition
2.8       Benefits of merger and acquisition
2.9       Why merger and acquisition fail
2.10     Effective strategies for merger and acquisition

            Research methodology
3.1       Research design
3.2       Population and sample size determination
3.3       Sources of data
3.4       Description of instrument for primary data Collection
3.5       Method of data presentation and analysis
3.6       Statistical tool for the hypothesis testing
3.7       The decision rule

CHAPTER FOUR                                                   
            Data presentation, analysis and interpretation
4.1       Introduction
4.2       Presentation and analysis of data
4.3       Responses to the questionnaire items and test of Hypothesis
4.4       Decision rule

            Summary of findings, conclusion and Recommendations
5.1       Introduction
5.2       The summary of findings
5.3       Conclusion
5.4       Recommendation
5.5       Area For Further Study

This research takes a look at the adoption of merger and acquisition as a growth strategy in business organization. There is no gainsaying the fact that many companies have been having financial problems. The reason is not far fetched. This is as a result of mismanagement and economic meltdown. In order to save such unhealthy situation in such companies from going into liquidation, merger and acquisition can be used to revive such companies if properly adopted. Even though merger and acquisition are used interchangeably, they have some differences. A merger occurs when two or more separately existing companies come together to form a new single company. Acquisition or takeover on the other hand is the purchase of controlling power or interest in one company by another company, such that the acquired company becomes a subsidiary or division of the acquirer. This research work highlighted the benefits involved in the adoption of merger and acquisition as a growth strategy in business organization. The population of the study consists of all the Nigerian companies that have adopted merger and acquisition at one time or the other. Four (4) organizations were selected as sample for the study using convenient and judgmental techniques of sample selection. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources and subsequently analyzed using chi-square statistics. The finding of the study shows that merger and acquisition is an effective and efficient growth strategy in business organization. However, the study concluded that organizations can achieve the desired growth rate by the adoption of merger and acquisition. Finally, the study recommends that organizations that are not doing well should adopt mergers and acquisitions as the strategy will help the management to overcome developmental and environmental challenges in business especially in this era of economic crises.

The framework of this study falls within the business policy and strategic management theory. Business policy is the active process of guiding the course of a firm towards its obligations, while strategic management is the increasing responsibility of managers to respond to changes in the business environment through:

Strategic planning

Real time response to issue by management

Management strategic change

The focus of business policy and strategic management is how to formulate strategies to respond to changes. Mergers and acquisitions are aspects of strategy formulation. Business combinations which may take forms of mergers, acquisitions or otherwise takeover are important features of corporate planning and structural changes. They have played an important role in the external growth of a number of leading companies the world over.

In Nigeria, mergers and acquisitions were not so common until recently due to the economic down turn. The current economic climate in the country which is characterized by shortage of foreign exchange for the importation of goods, low exchange rate of the naira the credit policy and globalization have increased business risks and this poses serious threats to their long term survival. As a result, previously autonomous business organization has recently been taking advantage of mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the banking and conglomerate sector of....

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