The objective of this research study was to give Sinebrychoff Oy an insight of the Ghanaian energy drink market. This will enable Sinebrychoff Oy evaluate the opportunities of entry into the Ghanaian energy drink market. The purpose for this research study was to find the best and appropriate promotion and communication strategies in terms of variables and mediums. This research study also pointed out the practical aspects entailed in the promotion and communication strategies of energy drinks in Ghana. The research study employed cultural, social, consumer behaviours and market information associated with energy drinks in Ghana.
The utilization of the qualitative research method was adopted. The research methodology outlined some cultural, social beliefs, values and expectations associated with creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and effectiveness to promotion and communication variables. In order to accomplish the aim of this research study questionnaires were handed out to 1000 respondents, in the Kumasi Metropolitan. A taste sampling for 7 respondents was also conducted. Interviews with 10 respondent and some key persons in the energy drink industry in Ghana was also conducted.
Findings from the questionnaires, taste sampling and interviews, were analyzed with the qualitative data analysis. Findings from the research showed that 61% of the respondents were motivated, by the presence of endorsers in promotion and communication advertisements. The findings also showed that, advertising, with the television and radio mediums, were the most effective and efficient. Other promotion variables included sales promotion, sponsorships and personal selling.

Keywords: Promotion and Communication, Brand Awareness, Advertising



1.1 Background Information
1.2 Research Aims and Objectives
1.3. Implications for the Research Study
1.4 Limitations
1.5 Methodology
1.6 Structure of the Study

2.1 Marketing Strategy
2.2 International Trade
2.2.1 International Marketing Environment
2.3 Market Analysis
2.4 Promotion and Communication
2.5 Advertising Strategy
2.5.1 Persuasion in Promotion and Communication
2.6       Arguments of Literature Reviews
2.7       Research Types

3.1       Research Limitations
3.2       Data Collection Method
3.3       Questionnaire Design
3.4       Reliability and Validity

4.1       Case Study
4.1.1    Buzzed with Energy
4.2       Sinebrychoff Brewery
4.3       Findings of Research Study
4.4       Analysis of Research Study
4.4.1    Product Analysis
4.4.2    Promotional Analysis
4.4.3    Responsiveness to advertising mediums


The introductory part of this research material, will consist of the background of the study, why this particular topic was chosen, its significance with an emphasizes on the research objective. This introductory part will also explain briefly, the aims of the research study, identify the research problem, the limitations and an overall structure of the thesis topic.

1.1 Background Information
Marketing strategy as the title of this research study represents, is the process whereby an organization, in this case Sinebrychoff Oy, focuses its energies and resources on activities which will lead to an increase in sales and dominance in its new target market. This research study is centered on the concept of creating brand awareness, with the help of promotion and communication strategies. Marketing strategy involves the plans, budgets and controls needed to direct a firm‟s production, promotion, distribution and pricing activities (Shimp 1996 219). Simply put, lets picture marketing strategy, as our big basket with a combination of elements namely - product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements. However, note that the research study is narrowed down to only the promotion and communication aspects of marketing strategy.

Marketing strategies, often as a well-structured method of delivering goods and services to a target market and distributing them there, consists of a layer of marketing plans, which will guide Sinebrychoff Oy to deliver its product: Battery energy drink, to its potential new market, Ghana. Developing a marketing strategy, in this particular case study, will also involve an analysis of other potential competitors and the potential target group. Other relevant determinants like trade barriers, price localization, local expertise, export and import subsidies will not be discussed in this research study.

Marketing research aims to take some of the risk out of marketing decisions by providing information that can form part or the entire basis of decision-making. It is applicable to all aspects of marketing-mix decisions and should be an integral part of the process of formulating marketing strategy (Proctor 2005, 3).

The main reason why this particular topic was chosen is due to the increasing demand for modern companies entering new target markets to have a fair and thorough knowledge of their new market environment, in terms of culturally accepted principles, business ethics and other environmental factors. This sought after knowledge in the interest of organizations has significantly increased market research awareness. Sinebrychoff Oy has successfully launched its product, Battery energy drink, in 30 different countries. Generally speaking we could conclude, by pointing out their achieved success in these markets, to anticipating future success in any new potential market (Sinebrychoff Oy, 2009). We would have to consider that each target market is uniquely different from the previous market area, for example, marketing strategies adopted in Sierra Leone, may fail to thrive if applied to a new potential market-Ghana. The reason for that is both economies when compared in terms of economic stability, environmental factors, trade policies and consumer behaviors are uniquely different. Another reason, in addition to the significance of this research study, to the company, is that this research study is an interesting and challenging opportunity for me.

This research study, after its completion, will assist Sinebrychoff Oy in evaluating appropriate marketing strategies for market entry. Sinebrychoff Brewery in collaboration with CYRR Group Limited, is conducting this research study. On their web pages Sinebrychoff states that

“We are a modern brewery, a pioneer in the manufacturing and marketing of beers, ciders, long drinks and energy drinks. Most Finns come into contact with at least one of our products every day” (Sinebrychoff Oy, 2009).

Globalization has for a long time been a very crucial aspect of multicultural companies in reaching the outside world. Sinebrychoff Oy has seen its fair share of globalization when it comes to the marketing of their products in other foreign...

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