The impact of Computer to Nigeria Commercial Banks especially Union Banks Plc cannot be over emphasized.
Many banks have realized the used of the computer as a means of improving their chequeing transaction and of keeping necessary data on customers for loans advances and other services. These obvious advantages notwithstanding, must banks have not imbibe the computer culture.
For the purpose of this study, this research was based on commercial banks in Nigeria and occasionally drew emphasis from the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Head office Enugu Branch.
This study therefore showed the actual contribution of computers to the banking industry and the problem faced by banks, which has not gone into computerization. A good number of banks in Nigeria are computerized and consequently time wastage in banks are reduced, there is increase in banks deposit, there is better storage of information and greater efficiency in banks deposit, there is better storage of information and greater efficiency in banks services, there is reduced workload in banks.
The researcher used both primary and secondary data. The primary sources will include the use of questionnaires while the secondary data will include text books, article and other important write-up in various journals.

It is expected that the implementation of the findings and recommendations in this research work ill improve the services rendered by banks to their various customers by increasing usage of computerized services personnel training and encouraged computer. ITC programmes to boost the activities and operations of banks aimed at enhancing and optimizing services to the customers.

Financial accounting can be defined as the process of collecting, recording,  presently  and  analyzing  and  interpreting  financial information for the users of financial statement [Robert, O. Igben 2007] Accounting is the language of modern business, a tool for business decision making. It is used by people associated with business, whether they are managers, owners, investors, bankers, lawyers, and accountant. It provides financial information to people inside and outside the organization who need and are authorized to have such information. A system like a computer in the most general sense  of  the  word  is  a  group  of  interrelated  components  that processed inputs into outputs to meet some objectives.

An accounting information system is a group of components that processes raw data into financial information to meet the purpose of these internal and external users, however, when we talk of accounting information system we invariably refer to computer assisted techniques in accounting [Warren, 1997].

The objective of financial information is to provide useful information for making economic decision. The process of recording, aggregating and summarizing the effects of historical transactions in financial statements under a specified set of rules constitutes the bulk of financial accounting. Organizations such as commercial banks need the accounting information in carrying out their operations and transaction. Fortunately, the electronic computer as an electronic device for storing and analyzing information fed into it, for calculate or for controlling machinery automatically could be used to perform commercial banking products and operations and also aids managerial decision makers in planning and controlling of various business activities [Warren, Reeve, Fess, 1997].

Accounting information poses certain qualities necessary to satisfy user’s need. Two basic qualities for general purpose accounting reports supplied to external user are....

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