This work is aimed at the development of a web based Airline Reservation System. The current system of airline reservation is faced with few technical issues, ranging from not allowing passengers to cancel their reservations as well as does not provide functionality for passengers to view price chart. This calls for the need to develop a new system that corrects this error. The new system will allow the passenger to cancel his/her reservation, if any problem occurs and view price chat which did not occur in the old system.This system will allow the airline passengers to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities, namely the “Departure city” and “Destination city” for a particular departure and arrival dates.

The objective of this study is to develop a web based system that will ensure enablement of online flight bookings, online access to passenger’s suggestions and complaints and a system that will enable online news publications for flight operators accessible to customers. The methodology adopted for this project is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The system is developed using PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and Codeigniter. This current system will make passenger airline relationship with the customers more flexible and reliable. This work successfully designed a web based airline reservation system, solved the problem of passenger unavailability to cancel flight option and provides easy access to flight information.

Title page
Table of Contents

1.0       Introduction
1.1       Statement of the problem
1.2       Objective of the study
1.3       Significance of the study

2.0         Introduction   
2.1       Theoretical Background
2.2       Literature Review
2.3       Summary

3.0       Introduction
3.1       Description of the Existing System
3.2       Analysis of the Proposed System
3.3       System Architecture
3.3.1    Database Design (MYSQL)

4.0       Introduction
4.1       Choice of Development Environment
4.2       Implementation Architecture
4.2.1    Block diagram
4.2.2    Program Design
4.2.3    Program Flow Chart
4.3       Software Testing
4.4       Documentation
4.4.1    User manual
4.4.2 Source Code  

5.0       Summary
5.1     Conclusion
5.2       Recommendation


Online Air Ticketing is a kind of user assistance where customers can book tickets for flight online. This is an easy method which saves a lot of time. Airline ReservationSystems were first introduced in the late 1950s as relativelysimple standalone systems to control flight inventory, maintain flight schedules, seat assignments and aircraft loading. The modern Airline Reservation System is comprehensive suite of products to provide a system that assists with a variety of airline management tasks and service customer needs from the time of initial reservation through completion of the flight [1].  One of the most common modes of travel is traveling by air. Customers who wish to travel by air nowadays have a wide variety of airlines, and a range of timings to choose from. Nowadays competition is so fierce between airlines that there are lot of discounts and a lot of luxuries given to customers that will give an edge to that particular airline [2].
The World Wide Web has become tremendously popular over the last four years, and currently most of the airlines have made provision for online reservation of their flights.The Internet has become a major resource for people looking for making reservations online without the hassle of meeting travel agents [3].

Reservation is the written record or promise of an arrangement by which accommodations are secured in advance [4]

Airline Reservation Systems (ARS) used to be standalone systems. Each airline had its own system, disconnected from other airlines or ticket agents, and usable only by a designated number of airline employees. Travel agents in the 1970s pushed for access to the airlines'systems. Today, air travel information is linked, stored, and retrieved by a network of Computer Reservations Systems (CRS), accessible by multiple airlines and travel agents. The global distribution system (GDS) makes for an even larger web of airline information, not only merging the buying and selling of tickets for multiple airlines, but also making the systems accessible to consumers directly. GDS portals and gateways on the Web allow consumers to purchase tickets directly, select seats, and even book hotels and cars rental [5].

The existing airline reservation system has the following shortcomings associated with it.
§  Customers are not able to make cancellations after making reservation in an event where they are not able to travel again.
§  The manual method of going to the airline desk to book flight is now obsolete and tasking.
§  The airline sites are not open to customers suggestions and complaint.

The aim of the project is to Develop an Airline Reservation System.
The objective of this study is to develop a web based system that will ensure: -
i. Enablement of online flight bookings.
ii. Provision of an option that will enable a passenger(s) to cancel his/her flight due to whim or impulse.
iii. Online access to passenger’s suggestions and complaints.
iv. A system that will enable online news publications for flight operators accessible to customers.


This project is aimed at designing a new and better alternative system to help the organization to produce available operational reports when needed i.e reporting about the operational details that reflect day to day activities of the airline, safeguard data and information in the system database and keep accurate record on flight bookings and transactions.

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