Movie Ticket Booking System is an online based application that can be accessed through the internet via a mobile device like phone, tablet and laptop etc by anyone at anytime. This application is responsive and will help reserve tickets. Users are required to login to the system to book for ticket and make payment via e-payment system options. Watching movies with family and friends in theatres is one of the best medium of entertainment after having a hectic schedule. But all this excitement vanishes after standing in hours in long queues to get tickets booked hence this automated system. The system provides complete information regarding currently running movies on all the screens with details of show timings, available seats. Ticket reservations are done using e-payment system and can be cancelled if  need be. This online tickets reservation system is one of the best opportunities for those who cannot afford enough time to get their tickets reserved standing in long queues. People can book tickets online at any time of day or night at their pace.

The application was developed using (SSAD) methodology using the following technologies PHP as the front end and MYSQL at the back end JavaScript for form validations.


Title Page
List of figures
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction
1.0   Background of study
1.1   Statement of the problem
1.2   Objectives
1.3   Significance of the project

CHAPTER 2: Literature Review
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Theoretical Background
2.2 Review of Related Literature
2.3 Summary

CHAPTER 3: System Analysis and Design
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Description of the Exiting System
3.2 Analysis of the Proposed System
3.3 Design of Proposed System
3.4 Database Design

CHAPTER 4: System Implementation
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Choice of Development Environment
4.2 Implementation Architecture
4.2.1 Admin Module
4.2.2 Transaction Module
4.2.3 Maintenance Module
4.2.4 Report Module
4.2.5 System Flowchart
4.3 Software Testing
4.4 Documentation
4.4.1 User Manual
4.4.2 Source Code  (Attached in Appendix A)

CHAPTER 5: Summary and Conclusion
5.0 Summary
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Recommendations

Appendices - Source code

1.0 Background of Study
Online cinema booking system is basically made for providing the movie ticket anywhere and anytime and to get information about the movies at convenient. The user can easily be able to know about the movies released and then make a choice.
It is a web-based system. The customers can buy ticket online and cancel the seat at a suitable time (2 days before the show to 1hour before the show). To enhance the refund function, all the customers have to register to become a Member before buying the ticket. Staff can use the system to insert and delete data (example film description, time table) which will update the webpage.  Also staff can check the statistic information from the system. The system is to provide an alternate and convenient way for a customer to buy movie tickets. It is an automatic system. After the data has been fed into the database, the staff does not need to do anything with the order once it is received through the system.
The name “movie” originates from the fact that photographic film (also called film stock) has historically been the medium for recording and displaying motion pictures [1]. Many other terms exist for an individual motion picture, including picture, picture show, moving picture, photoplay and flick. Today, it is believed that the application of computer technology in any activity would go a long way in making that activity much easier.
This statement remains a theory until proven otherwise by the implementation of online movie ticket reservation system.It also believed that the benefit and  advantages of using computer out weight that of the manual methods  beyond doubt[2] by the researcher through the implementation of the new  system.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
·        Inability to check and track customers that sneak into the cinema hall with fake seats number printout
·        Inability to book seat/Ticket by customers at their convenient
·        Inability of the customer to create its own account (member registration) and login to book for ticket
·        Lack of  secure e-payment option for customer

1.2 Aim and objective of the Project:
The objective of this project is to develop an Online Movie Ticket Reservation system with the following objectives:
·        In order to establish an efficient way to promote the film on the internet
·        To provide an alternate and convenient way for a customers to buy movie tickets and make payment at their pace
·        Minimize the number of staff at the ticket box
·        Customers can buy ticket online and cancel the seat at a suitable time (2 days before the show to 1hour before the show).

1.3 Significance of the Project
The significant of the study are:
ü To provide an easy and user friendly movie ticket system that is mobile responsive
ü To obtain statistic information from the booking record
ü Provide a system where Users can check film data by clicking on a certain film on main page(e.g. The cinema which will show this films).

ü To provide a secure e-payment system with payment options for customer.

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