This project work is concerned with the design and implementation of Job Recruitment System. Recruitment refers to the process of screening, selecting a qualified person for a job. A thorough investigation into the existing job recruitment system was carried out. As a solution to inherent problems in existing ones, an online solution for job recruitment is proffered. The recruitment and job search engines are used to gather as many candidates as possible by advertising a position over a wide geographic area. It has also examined the relationship between the recruitment sources, job seekers perception and intention to pursue the job. In this project job recruitment application is developed and capable of advertising job vacancies, screening applications, short-listing candidates, inviting shortlisted candidates for interview, sending appointment letters to successful candidates via emails. The system adopted the project agile software development because it promotes planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement. The front end and backend were developed using html, CSS, Php languages and MYSQL, respectively. The proposed system is well able to provide best results to job seekers by preventing, nepotism, bribery, ethnicity, etc. 

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Chapter  One
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Project

Chapter Two- Literature Review
Theoretical Background
Review of Related Literature

Chapter 3: System Analysis and Design
Analysis of the Existing System
Analysis of the Proposed System
Design of the Proposed System

Chapter 4: System Implementation  
Choice of Development Environment
Implementation Architecture  
Software Testing
User Manual  
Source Code Listing (Appendix A)

Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusion

Appendix – Source Code


A survey carried out recently revealed that finding good employees is one of the major business challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business from the scratch (1). As a matter of fact one of the business processes entrepreneurs dread most is the process of recruiting employees.
Recruiting employees who have the specific knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors needed to support missions and goals enable the organization to achieve high performance, and enhance their competitive ability. In order to be complete, organizational success depends heavily upon the considerable imagination and initiative that is needed in developing recruitment and retention programs (2). Traditional, recruitment of officers into a vacant position is a difficult task in terms of collection and processing of data since a lot of applicant will apply for a particular job. In the cause of processing applicant data, this causes a lot of errors, inaccuracy, favoritism, nepotism and unreliability, which lead to the organization’s failure of recruiting the right caliber of persons to fill the available vacant positions.
Processing manually makes the organization to waste a lot of resources since there are many applicant data which allow recruiting more people to handle these tasks. Entrepreneurs are therefore often faced with fear when hiring their first employee because it is difficult to discover a good employee.    
On the other hand, most job seekers complain that it is difficult to find the right job, that is, the one which would suit them. Job seekers resort to searching the Internet for job vacancies. This means that job vacancy adverts would get to a large number of potential employees, which also has its advantages and disadvantages. For the recruiters, one job vacancy may attract thousands of job applicants. This makes the process of job recruitment tedious both to the recruiters and job seekers in other to find the perfect fit to the job. Most large organizations even resort to employing the services of recruiting agencies. These are firms that specialized in finding employment opportunities based on a set of criteria provided by the job seeker. They keep record of all job vacancies and try to match it up with prospective employees. To some extent, this system has eased up the recruitment process. This project is therefore, aimed at solving problems related job recruitment. This project can be applied to any organization both public and private that are virtually concerned with productivity and cost effectiveness in managing resources.


Currently, recruitment exercises are fraught with peril. This is partly due to several factors, of which unemployment has the highest rate in the country. Any job advert would definitely attract applicants. The recruiters would then go through tons of CV’S in a bid to find qualified candidates. A good example of the problems associated with this method of recruitment is IMMIGRATION RECRUITMENT EXCERSISE which occurred in 2014. Over six million Nigerians left their homes to sit for a recruitment test- for four thousand vacant positions. Some of these people lost their lives as a result of the stampede that occurred. Several sustained injuries.
This would have been avoided if an online recruitment platform had been put in place to conduct whatever form of screening that was required.                                                                                                      


The main aim of the project work is to develop an online job recruitment system. Specific objectives are as follows:
       I.            Determines the potentials of each applicant and retain the applicant whose performance could meet the organizational goals.
     II.            Establishes a better way of recruitment and means of selecting the best performed candidate who is fit for the available vacancy.
  III.            Capture data into a secure database which allow applicant data to be easily accessed anytime.
  IV.            Develops a user- friendly application that will achieve these objectives


The proposed system would simplify the process of recruitment for both employers and the employees. Moreover, the use of software in recruitment would allow job seekers to be screened for interviews without having to be physically present. Those who then meet up with the criteria would be invited over.   

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