Materials storage and handling is one of the most important aspects in every construction process. Proper storage of construction materials is a key aspect of the processes. Studies have revealed that effective storage of materials at the construction processes have positive effects on the successful completion of the project. The main aim of this research was to identify methods of storage and handling of materials during construction process. Literature related to the aims and objectives were reviewed. The study involved twenty-five (25) respondents from construction firms, the data collection methods adopted were both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This was done to get better understanding of the objectives. Data obtained from the survey was further analysed using both descriptive statistics and relative importance index techniques. The study also revealed the effects of poor storage and handling methods of materials on building project. It was then recommended that effective proper storage of construction materials is very important and should be a priority in every construction since it constitutes a major component in the construction process.

 Material storage and handling is very important part of building construction. That is how easily things flow on building sites. In most cases, site spaces are very well thought out. One thing to consider is that only the important and requisite material and item per time should be stored on site to minimize risk.
Material storage can be defined as the provision of adequate space, protection and control of building materials and components held on site during construction processes. (Chudley 2011). On the other hand material handling can be defined as the provision of proper handling techniques either manually or mechanically for the components held on site during construction processes. Improper storage and handling of building materials on building projects sites could lead to waste which can be caused by inadequacies in supervision and careless attitudes, together with mis-placed incentives. Hence there is need for proper storage and handling of materials, during building construction production process.
According to (Barney 2011) improper handling, storage and lack of adequate security of building material can result to negative change on the construction process and non-completion of projects, on time. (Ammer 2013) opined that material resources are the major constituents of any construction project. This is because the production and distribution activities are general overall performance of any construction will be shaky in the case of under-stock or poor handling and storage of materials. These materials if not properly stored might lead to or result to poor execution of building projects. (Barney 2011) also opined that improper handling and storage and adequate security of building material could result to loss of finances or bring down the financial flow of such project.
There is a problem of reducing or deteriorating out dating, and multiple handling which can be vital to maintaining fluidity of materials on transit to the fixing point or point of usage on site must equally be accepted as storage problem or double handling storage space is often at a premium on construction sites and as
a result material are often poorly stored and insufficient space for subsequent handling, critical activities on site can be delayed by the store officer due to lack of inspection, classification for fault and priority zooming.
Material for constructions (building) constitute a major cost component of any industry therefore should be well stored and handled in order to achieve a successful project (Stukhart 2010).

In construction there are various and enormous variety of materials used during construction of building project. There might be problems associated with the improper methods of storing and handling of materials during construction process. The result of such problems may include, waste of materials and non-completion of projects on time.
Thus this study therefore intends to show methods of materials storage and handling during building production process.

The aim of this study is to achieve effective material storage and handling during building construction process. To achieve this aim the following objectives are considered.
1.  To look at problems associated with improper storage and handling of material on building construction sites.
2.  To approve how important well stored material contributes to building production process.
3.  To know the methods of material storage and handling suitable during construction process on building construction sites.

1. What are the methods of material storage and handling during construction?
2. How does the importance of material storage and handling contributes to the success of building production?

This research work looked at the methods of storage and handling of building materials used during the process of building construction.  And also the relationship with the work
onsite and the techniques used to store materials in order to achieve the desired aim and objectives of the building project.

Material storage and handling are amongst the most important aspect of any building project. Every builder needs materials in the construction process, to produce quality buildings. It is hoped that, the result of this study will provide avenue where by construction firm, building contractors can improve on their storage system and be able to take advantage of the benefit that are derived from a good storage system. Also, it is expected that those involved in the construction of buildings will find it useful during construction production process.

The study area is Ekpoma which is the head quarter of esan west local government area. Ekpoma located at latitude 6.75 degree north and longitude 6.13degree east has an altitude of 330meters. Ekpoma which has a population of approximately 59,624 people, has more than (24) twenty–four villages and towns some of them are listed below;
Ujemen, Ihumudumun, Uhiele, Idumebo, Uke, Ogwa, Iruekpen, Eguare, Ekpoma, Illeh, Ujoelen.

In the following communities listed above, there is a massive increase in population which has allowed the increase in infrastructural development (residential and commercial buildings), that is ranging from various sizes and shapes.

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