The goal of the Thesis is to find out if Cameroon Development cooperation should in the future use other social media tools as part of its recruiting processes. Secondly, to find out how social media can be utilized in recruiting, suitable methods and benefits of it use.

The fact that this thesis was commissioned by an existing company, utmost importance was placed in ensuring accuracy and reliability of the result, as part of the company’s success in its utilization of social media would be based upon the application of the conclusions of these results, which in itself were obtained via different means.

The general recruitment process, policies are examined in the theoretical background of the thesis. The concepts of social media, social recruitment, as well as some common social media channels, are covered in the theoretical part of the thesis. The empirical part was a qualitative research through a face to face interview during September 2014.In other to obtain results of this thesis the author interviewed some recruitment specialist alongside employees.

Research results shows that, social recruitment is not likely to facilitate candidates search but goes a long way to impact positively the employers’ brand, and competitiveness. However a social media profile in itself is not a shortcut to success. continuous monitoring, time, update, reviews are activities needed to ensure its full potential are ascertaining other to assist Cameroon Development Cooperation build an online presence ,development suggestions such as strategy formulation ,continuous review, updates and putting a person in charge are presented in the theoretical part of the thesis.

Recruitment, Social Media, E-recruitment, Technology, Human resource, Employers brand

            1.1 Objectives and limitations
            2.1.1 Internal recruitment
            2.1.2 External recruitment

3.1 E-recruitment and it growth
3.1.1 Changing ways for searching

4 Social media recruitment tools and boosting its usage
4.1 social networking tools
4.1.1 Google
4.1.2 Facebook
4.1.3 LinkedIn
4.1.4 My space
4.1.5 Twitter
4.1.6 Instagram
4.1.7 WhatsApp
4.1.8 Blog
4.1.9 YouTube
4.2 Boosting the use of social media for employee recruitment

5 Recruitment policy and procedures
5.1 Recruitment policies
5.1.1 Recruitment procedures
5.2 The recruitment guidelines and recommendations via the use of social media

6 Advantages and challenges of using social media
6.1 Advantages of using social media for recruitment
6.1.1 Cost savings and targeting
6.1.2    Improve external communication
6.1.3 Competitive advantage
6.1.4 Attracting present and potential employees
6.1.4 Building the brand
6.1.5 Quicker turnaround time to recruit
6.2 The cons for using social media to recruit
            6.2.1 Accuracy of information
            6.2.2 Making errors
            6.2.3 Negative online conduct and brand
            6.2.4 Legal risk
            6.2.5 Information accuracy
            6.2.6 Feeling overwhelmed
            6.2.7 Defamation of character
7 Suggestions for companies to follow
7.1 Start with a company presence
            7.1.1 Socializing, honesty and openness
            7.1.2 Merging advertisement with social media
            7.1.3 Optimizing the business for social media
            7.1.4 Ensure to document decisions
            7.1.5 Continuous updates of the site
8 The research
8.1 Qualitative Research
8.2 Data Collection
8.3 Company Profile
8.4 Interview structure
9 Results of the research
9.1 Recruitment methods
9.2 Reasons for the use of social media for recruitment
9.3 Fast application cycle; same process of recruitment
9.4 Social media hindering the chances of candidates to be chosen
9.5 The networking sites that drives the most traffic for the company
9.6 Reason for using social media for recruitment
9.7 Job relevant characteristics gotten via social media
9.8 Social media a threat to human resource management
Appendix 1:  employer questionnaire

Appendix 2: employee questionnaire

The increased rate of the use of technology has revolutionized the way in which individuals communicate with one another privately and with organizations in a work-related context.. The world as a global village is changing; paper works are almost being eliminated with the emergence of technology .Technology has brought about new ways of doing things. Social media is one of the areas been revolutionized by technological change. Businesses are changing their methods not just for sales, marketing but most importantly getting the right employees to make a difference in today’s competitive world. One of the goal for the human resource officer with this present changing situations is to attract and retain potential workforce within the organizations and remain competitive. Social media tools and social networking sites are advancing a lot in the business world in developed countries that have expanded tremendously to the developing countries; this expansion, has changed communication methods increasingly in businesses, especially with the uplifting of trade barriers making it easier for business to go abroad. Through a variety of services, most of which are web-based, offers opportunities for interactions among people over the internet. E.g. via email, instant messages, and others. Employers becoming aware of these changes, aim to utilize it to target employees fit for their jobs and to make better recruitment decisions, believing that success belongs to organizations that define profitability not just in terms of profit and lost but also with regards to development of human resource and intellectual capital. Cameroon Development co-operation (CDC) is for the fact that Attracting and retaining potential employee is becoming essential for the performance, continuation of the cooperation, which is why it is important for the business to ensure the most secure ways of attracting talent. Social media has been broadly defined to refer to the many relatively inexpensive and widely accessible electronic tools that enable anyone to publish and access information, collaborate on a common effort, or build re-lationships(Wikipedia 2013) with regards to the use of social media for em-ployee recruitment in (CDC),the company has been in use of radio announce-ments, references when in need of employees . Nowadays jobseekers are reported to be increasingly using social media tools in order to build an online presence, and search for jobs and even schools at home and abroad for example, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Central Africa Office in Yaoundé commis-sioned a research report on the use of social media in Cameroon, the research was to find basics about who uses social media in the country. The research found out that the level of ICT usage in Cameroon is high compared to other nations in West-Central Africa like Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo-Brazza-ville, and DR Congo. However very little is done in maximizing social media usage in recruitment processes(The Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Central Africa 2014). It is with no doubt that social media usage as recruiting tool comes with challenges and good opportunities for employers which will be outlined below. With the increased rate of employment in CDC, the limited use of social media and the advantages that are involved the CDC human resource manager in head office Limbe intend to make efficient use of social media for employee recruitment to find the right people in the right place to make the very best out of it.

1.1    Objectives and limitations 
The aim of the Thesis is to find out if Cameroon Development cooperation should in the futures use other social media tools other than radio announcement as part of their recruiting processes. Secondly, to find out how social media can be used in recruiting potential employees and what methods would be suitable for an Agricultural and export company like CDC, in other words boosting the use of social media for employee recruitment.

The research also aim to draw out a guideline comprising of various suggestions for a business(CDC) to follow to optimize social media usage for recruiting employee to attract present and potential employee in the cheapest possible way. Lastly the research aim in Discovering threats /opportunities of using social media for recruiting in Cameroon development cooperation.....

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