The aim of this study was to examine the public perception of drug abuse among the youths of Sabon-Gari area of Zaria city, Kaduna State. In order to achieve this aim, four research objectives and some research questions were formulated to guide this study.

Title Page
Table of Contents
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1.0       Background to the study
1.1       Statement of the Research Problem
1.2       Research questions
1.3       Objectives of the Study
1.4       Significance of the Study
1.5       Scope of the study

2.0  Introduction
2.1  Drug use and abuse among the youths of sabon gari Zaria
2.2  Factors Responsible for Drug Abuse
2.3  Effect of Drug use and abuse among youths
2.4  Uses of Drug
2.5  Consequences of Drug Abuse
2.6  Possible Solutions to the Problem of drug use and abuse among youth
2.7  Theoretical Framework

3.0 Introduction
3.1 Area of Study
3.2 Population of the Study
3.3 Variables
3.4 Sampling Technique
3.5 Method of Data Collection
3.5.1 Interview
3.6 Method of Data Analysis

4.0       Introduction
4.1       Demographic Attributes of Respondents
4.1.1    Sex of Respondents
4.1.2    Age of Respondent
4.1.3    Educational level of Respondents
4.1.4    Marital Status of respondents
4.2       Degree of Awareness of Drug Abuse by Respondents
4.2.1    What do you understand by drug use and abuse?
4.2.2    Can you tell me if youths in this area abuse drugs?
4.2.3  Do you notice the abuse of drugs in this area by the youths?
4.2.4.   If yes, have you apprehended or arrested any of these youths for drug related offences? Yes {   } No {   }
4.2.5  How did you process the case?
4.2.6  Do you see the youths in this locality engaged in this acts?
4.2.7  Response of youth whether if they abuse drugs
4.2.8:   Represents the view respondents if the drugs they abused were prescribed by medical personnel
4.2.9: represent the view of youths on why they take drugs without prescription
4.2.10 Represents the response of the youths that takes drug
4.2.11 Can you please state the problems you think drug abuse can cause to the individual and the society at large?
4.2.12 If positive, can you state the benefit derived from the use of the drug please?
4.2.13 Shows how frequent the youths use or take drugs
4.2.14 Represents the views of the youths if they have friends that abuse drugs
4.2.15  Do you consider this ideal of taking drugs illegal or legal?
4.2.16  If you consider it a crime, what do you think motivate you or others to engage in it?
4.2.17  Kindly list at least four benefits of drug use and abuse?
4.3       Causes of Drug Abuse
4.3.1    Respondent view on the causes of drug use and abuse
4.3.3  What do you think are the major causes of drug abuse by the youths in this area?
4.3.4 What do you think are the cause of drug abuse by youths in this area?
4.4  Most Commonly Drugs Abused
4.4.1 What are the common type(s) of drugs abused by these youth?
4.4.2 In this area which drug do you think the youth take frequently?
4.4.3    What are the common type(s) of drugs abused by the youths in this area?
4.5 Effects/ Consequences of Drug Abuse
4.5.1    What do you think are the major effects of drug use and abuse on the society?
4.5.2 What are the negative effects of drug abuse on the youths in Sabon Gari Zaria?
4.5.2 What are the negative effects of drug abuse among youths in Sabon Gari Zaria?
4.5.3 What are the negative effects of drug abuse among youths in Sabon Gari Zaria?
4.5.4 Again list four negative effects of drug use and abuse you know?
4.5.5 What are the consequences of the use and abuse of these drugs?
4.5.6 Can you please state the problems you think drug abuse can cause for the individual and society at large?
4.5.7    What do you think are the consequences of the use and abuse of these drugs?
4.6       Ways of Curtailing Drug Use and Abuse by the Youths
4.6.1    Respondents view on the best strategy of stopping / reducing drug abuse by the youths
4.6.2    Suggest ways of implementing these strategies
4.6.3    What is your counsel/advice to the youths who engage in drug abuse or misuse?
4.6.4  What do you think are the ways of curbing the phenomenon of drug abuse?
4.6.5    What role do the police play in curbing drug abuse and drug use?
4.6.6    What do you think are the ways of curbing the phenomenon of drug abuse?
4.6.7  Government is trying to prevent drug abuse, what do you think will help in resolving the problem of drug abuse by these youths?
4.7       Discussion of Findings

5.0    Introduction
5.1     Summary of Findings
5.2   Conclusion
5.3   Recommendation

1.0 Background of the Study
According to Wikler (1990:78), drug abuse, “is the overwhelming involvement with use of drugs, getting an adequate supply of it and a strong tendency to resume use of it after stopping for a period”. Also, the Encyclopedia of Social Science (2000:143) captured drug addiction as “behavioral pattern of compulsive drug use characterized by an overwhelming involvement with procurement and use of the drug and the high tendency of the user to relapse to drug use after a period of abstinence”. Consumption of psychoactive substance is an age-long phenomenon. In all known history and culture, psychoactive substances like alcohol, kola-nut etc have been in use for several reasons- energizer, elevation of mood, reduction of hunger, stress, and anxiety (James, 1999; Reids, 2006).
In America, Asia and Europe, these substances were used for energizer and food. For instance in San Francisco, Thio (2003:289) documented the wide use of cannabis by Chinos laborers for prolonged farming activity in their plantation. Similarly in Peru, Boliva and France, there was extensive use of opium, cocaine, cannabis etc for treatment of several ailments like stomach disorder, headache, fatigue, body pain and above all to wade off hunger (Mamman, 1993). The wide acceptance and use of these drugs resulted to devastating consequences like morphine addiction among veteran soldiers, escalated theft, homicide, promiscuity, etc (Cornwell and Cornwell, 1997). Sequel to this development, multifaceted programme like drug demand and
supply reduction programmes, drug education, drug treatment and rehabilitation centers were put in place to tackle the scourge of drug addiction and its associated problems in America, Asia, and Europe.  
Drug use can be defined as the appropriation of drugs by an individual taking into cognizance the medical and cultural norms of a given society (NAFDAC 2000, in Haladu, 2003). Haladu explained the term drug abuse as excessive and persistent self-administration of a drug without regards to the medically or culturally accepted patterns. it could also be viewed as the use of a drug to the extent that it interferes with the health and social function of an individual. World Book Encyclopedia (2004) defined drug use as the non-medical use of a drug that interferes with a healthy and productive life. Manbe(2008) defined drug abuse as the excessive maladaptive or addictive use of drugs for non-medical purpose.
On the other hand, youth is the intermediary stage in te life cycle of an individual. The youth period is the time of rapid development physically, psychologically and emotionally, which comes with a heightened awareness of self that often focuses on individuality, personal identity and fitting into the social mainstream (Sanusi,2010:1). The Nigerian ministry of youth development recorded that youth cover up to 70% of the entire Nigerian population (NPC,2009, NMYD, 2012). These therefore show that the Nigerian population is predominantly youth. The youth population of any nation represents the driving force for development. However, for the youths to become useful resources, they must be gainfully employed......

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