Influence of commercial advertising on the productpromotion of indomie instant noodles. A study of the children of Emene community Enugu Focus on commercial advertising which is a potent way of attracting the minds of children towards products or services. This study is anchoreed on two theories which are the cognitive dissonance theory and diffusion of innovative theory. The cognitive disonance explains how human beings are consistenc and attempts to reduce their dissonance. Diffusion of innovative theory stipulates that when the right channel of communication is useed among the members of a social system on innovation can be adopted. The survey research method was used. Simple random sampling for obtaining information from respodents, while the usse of simple random percentage metod was used for the date analysis. Findings indicates that consumers pay attention to commercial advertisement with interest and food then entertaining and informative.

1.1        Background Of Study
Advertising is one of the five tools used tools used to direct persuasive communication to targeted audience. Advertising as a business competitive strategy is aimed at creating awareness of the existence of a product through the communication media. Advertising has effect on buyers, so, it is important to carry out this study to know the impact of advertising.

The purpose of advertising is to develop customer’s favorable attention towards the product. Collins dictionary of business (1995, p.31) says that advertising consists of non personal terms of communication conducted through paid media under clear sponsorship. Commercial advertising is the visual presentation in the media of a product or services supplied by a firm or organization which is aimed at encouraging prospective buyers to buy the product and to provide them with public safety information.

In an urban area like Enugu television provides the most spectacular way in which an advertiser can reach the greater number of people at a time as they possess television sets. Advertisements are a common and accepted part of daily life. If advertisements have no effect, companies would not spend so much money on them. An effective advertisement is that which is able to create desire or motivate consumers favorable action if advertising appeals sufficiently to consumes motive it will motivate, encourage repeated buying of the products, thereby, increasing the profit of a firm and promoting the product. This is why Anike (1998) quoting Macorn Erikson has this to say “advertising is one of the most powerful socializing forces in the culture. It sells images, values, goods, concept of who we are and who should be. They shape our attitude and our attitude shape our behavior......

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