The aim of this study was to investigate the implication of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) code on African Independent Television Lagos. Five research questions were formulated for the purpose of this study. Other questions 20 in number came as questionnaires to the staff of AIT Lagos to determine the implication of national broadcasting commission on their organization. The research method adopted for this work is survey because of its convenience, reliability and cheapness. Questionnaires were administered to the 118 staff of AIT Lagos. Also, the entire population was studied as the sample size since the population is small and could be handled by the researcher. Findings from the field show that the code of NBC does affect the operation of the organization. And also, the 2006 NBC ban on the organization affected the organization restructuring, retrenchment of few staff and reduction of image. Recommendations have been made on how NBC should make its code appropriate in order for the broadcast media to abide to such regulations.

1.1    Background of study
Radio and television are essential organs for national development and should therefore be used for the promotion of Nigerian’s cultural, economic and political development. As the media utilizes the airwaves, which belong to the public, the broadcasting media should be used to improve and promote unity and security of the people of the nations. There is need for a body that will regulate their operations. While this body is expected to have controlling powers over the broadcasting media; it shall at least provide operational code that will prevent the abuse of the media.

On 24th AWugust, 1992, the then military president, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, signed into law, Decree No 38 which allows private participation in broadcasting. This was done through the establishment of the National Broadcasting Commission. Decree No 38 authorized the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to issue license and regulate broadcasting in Nigeria. This is why every transmission of sound and vision either by cable, television, radio, satellite or any medium of broadcasting from anywhere in the country is subjected to its authority.

However, the broadcasting media like the other media of mass communication must be geared towards national unity. Without a national policy that provides clear guidelines for other operations the broadcast media may not play their proper role in the growth and development of the nation....

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