This work is aimed at looking into the impact of public relations in First Bank of Nigeria PLC Enugu Zonal Headquarters. First Bank is a corporate organisation with network of branches. Public Relations role in First Bank of Nigeria PLC cannot be over emphasized because the services of First Bank must satisfy the aspirations of its publics. This research identifies how public relations can help in maintaining high acceptable corporate identity, corporate image and corporate communication in First Bank PLC Enugu Zonal Headquarters. The survey research method was used in this study as the population was picked amongst the internal and external publics of First Bank of Nigeria PLC Enugu Zonal Headquarters. Copies of questionnaire were administered to the respondents to elicit information that helped in the organisation of data and presentation. The researcher showed that public relations can help in uplifting the image of First Bank of Nigeria PLC Enugu Zonal Headquarters. The researcher recommended that First Bank of Nigeria PLC Enugu Zonal Headquarters should consult a public relations practitioner in dissemination of information to its publics.

Background of the study
For proper perception and understanding of this work, it will be wise to trace the historical background of the bank under study which is First Bank of Nigeria Limited in line with background of Public Relations.

According to Edward Louis Bernays, Public Relations is “Practically as old as society”. Patrick Jackson, a publisher of the Public Relations society of America (PRSA) asserts that Public Relations arose from the basic need of building and improving human relationship which existed immediately God created Adam and Eve. The concept of Public Relations has been with man. The creation of Public Relations between the creator and the creature both bought harmony and understanding in their relationship. Public Relations, however, existed during the days of Moses. Moses was a stutter and needed someone who would convey message to the Israelites on his behalf. Aaron, his brother was appointed; therefore, he was a link between the Israelites and Moses. From the biblical perspective, Aaron was a public relations officer. Thus, public relations has been practiced, even if only amateurish, since the beginning of mankind.

In ancient societies, human communication was limited by space and time. Due to the absence of modern technology, majority of the people lived simple lives in farms and small settlement. Therefore, communication flow in the olden days was primarily personal. The potentials and application of Public Relations increased as societies became more urbanised, civilized and complex. As population increased, so did the need problems of Public Relations.

Public Relations as a paid profession began in 1900, when the first public relations agency, the publicity Bureau, was founded. Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays, who are both....

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