From time immemorial, communication has been the means whereby living things pass information or correspondence to one another.
In this project, an attempt has been made to give concisely, the essentials of good communication, though, it is hoped that the main purpose in writer’s mind on this topic is to enlighten people in the approach of communication that produce more reaction and better response to the message. The importance of communication to the secretary is to be conscious of the vital importance of communication to the desired message in appropriate form.
In other words, secretaries are needed in every type of organisation or office in carrying out responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the use of effective communication in the organisation; there would not be an abundant flow of information for decision making. Further more, if a form of communication is being used correctly, there should be a desirable feedback. However, when there is a breakdown or any interference in communication, the communication tend to be in effective. For any management to function and succeed in their undertakings there must be a competent secretary with good qualities who is able to make an effective and efficient use of communication.
The function of a secretary under life’s process, because of the need of the effective communication. Management spend their time to make sure that any secretary employed on a well organisation should at least know much about communication process so much so that a manager’s effectiveness cannot be improved without the knowledge of his secretary.

Title Page
Table of Contents

Chapter One
1.0     Introduction
1.1     What is communication?
1.2     Importance of communication to the secretary function        
1.3     Basic rules of Effective communication to the
secretary function
1.4     Barriers of Effective communication
1.5     Solution to Effective communication problems
1.6     Background to the case study

Chapter Two:
2.0     Literature Review
2.1     Secretary’s Opinion
2.2     Law backing the duties of a secretary
2.3     Personal Attributes

Chapter Three
3.0     Channels of communication
3.1     Effective Communication Diagram
3.2     Types of communication
3.3     Sources of Information
  Chapter Four
4.0     Methodology and Research Design
4.1     Research Question
4.2     Sample and Sampling technique
4.3     Research Instrument
4.4     Administration and collection of Research Instrument
4.5     Method of Data Analysis
4.6     Data Presentation and Discussions

Chapter Five
5.0     Summary and Conclusion
5.1     Recommendations

Communication has been the means whereby living thing pass information to one another. It is also the hit blood of any organisation because, without communication no organisation can exist.
Secretaries are needed in any type of organisation or office to assist managers (middle management and the executive) (top management level) in carrying out their responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is the use of effective communication in the organisation. Without secretaries, the use of communication and rapid flow of information will not be abundant for decision making.
Further more, if communication is accordingly it will elicit a feedback, but when there is a breakdown or any interference in communication, it tends to be ineffective thus: any institution may not function and succeed in her undertaking unless, it engages the services of a competent secretary with good qualities who is able to make an effective and efficient use of good communication systems. For instance, if any of method could be used to describe the function or duties of a secretary, it would be by communication. Therefore, we can see that communication is a life-long process in every organisation. The need for effective communication was borne out of the management desire to train secretary, spend their time and energy over the years to make sure that any secretary employed in a well organized business should at least have a four grade in communication courses, most especially in English Language.

The word “Communication” is derive form the Latin and French words “Communicate” meaning “to share” while from the French word “comnia” means “common” one can see from these that we communicate with people with  whom we have something to share. It involves the act of passing information with oneself (interpersonal) communication, to somebody and receiving a reply (feedback) as it relates to earlier information. The person giving the information (originator) tries to motivate or guide or organize people to do their work. This can only be achieved through the spoken or written words.
In the olden days, prior to the development in technology, communication was carried out in primitive forms, town crises more mainly used as sources of communication or announcement to the people and other forms of primitive system of communication. As the time passed on, there was development in technology and therefore, the scope of communication has to be widened by making ways for modernized process of communication.
Therefore, these are several definitions of communication from difference authors. According to Wilbur (1954) he defined communication as an act of establishing contact between sender and receiver with the help of a message encoded and by the sender and receiver and decoded by the receiver.
According to Peter Little: Communication is the process by which information is passed between individual or organisation by means of previously agreed symbols.
I essence, communication is the passing of information between two or more people within or outside the organization.

Communication is a two way process of impacting information to others and attending to information received. A high degree of skill and care are needed in communicating with people effectively.
Misunderstandings are common and a determined attempt is needed to cutdown the possibilities of mistakes. However, before communicating, consideration should be given to the method of transmitting the language and tone of the message, then the attribute of both the message sender and the receiver. The right approach produced by communication is more positive reaction and a better response to the message...

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