The development caused by internet banking and electronic transactions has contributed to facilitate various kinds of banking transactions to the customers and reduce the time and effort spent by them.
Business transactions can be completed through POS, but traditional POS is not available to regular customers but only for merchants, it also contains a set of problems such as: the need for special equipment and very expensive software.

This research aims to solve some of the traditional POS problems and add new services to POS systems by developing a mobile application using Android operating system to work as a dynamic POS system that offers electricity purchasing service, pay fees for university students and cars insurance services which it proceed the task without the need for bringing customer car to the company building. Those services are available for both customers and merchants. This application is attach to a system that simulates the functionality of the SNS which is responsible for financial transactions between banks and institutions.

The world is changing with an amazing rate and the technology is considered to be the key driver for these changes. Many activities are handled electronically due to the acceptance of information technology at home as well as at workplace. Slowly but steadily customers around the world are moving towards the internet banking and electronic transactions are become popular.
Financial institutions can expose banking services via electronic channels including ATM, POS, and Internet. As they want to offer their customers a secured and around-the-clock access to electronic ļ¬nancial services anywhere and at any time.
Merchants accept payments via various types of cards using traditional POS terminals, where the card is swiped to trigger a payment transaction with the acquiring bank. Though; such POS terminals are complex to use. Nowadays merchant are looking for new ways to manage transactions in a modernize way, and keep them secure [1].

One of the main problems that POS device is composed of a set of internal components connected with one another, when any of them is disrupted then the entire device will not working correctly.
POS software needs special equipment to work. And outfitting every POS solution with peripheral devices is too expensive.
The POS device is available only for the merchant, and Because of the complexity of POS systems, users must receive extensive training on how to perform transactions and operate the system, If a user enters incorrect information or launches the wrong application, POS systems may become unpredictable or fail to process transactions correctly.


This Research aim to achieve set of goals and they are:
·         Create a dynamic POS application to provide new services not available in traditional POS.
·         The POS Software can work in any device that uses Android operating system.
·         Provide a more user friendly interface, and therefore easier to use.
·         No more bulky terminals and costly software.
·         Make POS available to customers and merchants.


This research present simulation of SNS web service and application to work as a POS system using android operating system as platform. It provides set of services which is electricity purchasing, Pay university fees for university students and car insurance. Also an application for insurance company administrator. Car insurance does not cover the internal components.


The followed methodology at this project is firstly, installing Eclips and visual studio ultimate 2012.
Eclipse is used to create an android application that works as a POS system and connected to through public network to a simulation of SNS web service functionality. The simulation is done by using WCF service technique and SQL server databases to handle payments and to be responsible for financial transactions between banks and institutions.
In order to complete the insurance for the car an application for the insurance administrator has been developed using Android.


The obstacles faced the progress of this research is:
·         Sudanese Company for Electricity Distribution, general traffic administration and insurance company databases were not available to connect with, Which led to use virtual databases for each of them.
·         Not able to connect with SNS, which let simulating the web service functionality.

·         Android magnetic reader device was not available, This led to the user enters the card number manually.

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