The term unemployment can be defined as a situation whereby those who are willing and able to work do not find job. This is mostly seen among greduates of various institutions of learning especially in underdeveloped nation like Nigeria. The study was designed to investigate the impact on unemployment on Nigeria economy (1980-2010). The research focuses on determining the causes and effects of unemployment and how the problem of unemployment in Nigeria will be reduced to a minimal level or even eradicated. It focuses on this objective: to determine the relationship between unemployment and economic growth in Nigeria (GDP).The method of analysis used in testing the hypothesis is the t-test, f-test e.t.c.Data for the study was obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria statistical bulletin. The major findings were that unemployment has a negative effect on the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Nigerian economy. Some suggestions and policy recommendations were made based on the findings.

1.0            INTRODUCTION
Unemployment is generally seen as a macro-economic problem as well as socio-economic problem .Unemployment arises as a result of insufficient and non-availability of jobs to correspond with the growing population, even those who are employed sometimes live with the fear of being unemployed due to job insecurity and retrenchment of workers. There is employment of factors of production if they are engaged in production. The term unemployment could be used in relation to any of the factors of production which is idle and not being utilized properly for production. However, with reference to labour, there is unemployment if it is not possible to find jobs for all those who are eligible and able to work. Labour is said to be underemployed if it is working below capacity or not fully utilized in production (R.A.I Anyawuocha 1993)

Unemployment can either be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary in the sense that one chooses not to work because he or she has means of support other than employment. Example is an idle rich man. On the other hand, involuntary unemployment exist when persons who are eligible and willing to work at the prevailing rate of pay are unable to find work. (Anyanwa 1995).....

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