Title Page
Approval page
Table of contents
List of tables
List of figures

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
Background to the Study
Statement of the Problem
Purpose of the Study
Research Questions
Research Hypotheses
Significance of the Study
Scope of the Study

CHAPTER TWO: Review of Related Literature
Conceptual Framework
Suicidal behaviours among in-school adolescents
Suicidal ideation among in-school adolescents
Suicide attempt among in-school adolescents
Suicide among in-school adolescents
In-school adolescents
Factors associated with suicidal behaviours  among in-school adolescents
Suicide intervention strategies among in-school adolescents
Theoretical Framework
Psychological theory on suicide
Sociological theoryon suicide
Interpersonal psychological theoryon suicide
Theory of planned behaviour
Review of Empirical Studies on Suicidal Behaviours
Summary of Literature Review

Research Design
Area of the Study
Population for the Study
Sample and Sampling Techniques
Instruments for Data Collection
Validity of instruments
Reliability of instrument
Methods of Data Collection
Methods of Data Analysis
Procedure adopted in Designing InterventionStrategies

CHAPTER  FOUR: Results and Discussion of Findings
Summary of major findings   of the study
Discussion of Findings
Extent of suicidal ideation among in-school adolescents
Extent of suicide attempt among in-school adolescents
Incidence of completed suicide among in-school adolescent
Suicide intervention strategies for in-school adolescent
Implications for the Study

CHAPTER FIVE: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
Suggestions for further study
Limitations of the Study

Background to the Study
The occurrence of suicidal behaviours across the world is one of the worst public health challenges confronting humanity. Apart from the many lives that are wasted through suicide, a multitude of other lives are permanently damaged in suicide attempt. Unfortunately too, a lot of time and energy are lost every year in negative thoughts about killing oneself. According to Gvion and Apter (2013), one million persons commit suicide throughout the world and 10-20 million others engage in suicide attempt every year. Gvion and Apter projected that suicide death in the world would rise above 1.5 million by the year 2020 and the figure for attempted suicide was projected to be 10-20 times higher. They showed that the figures represented on the average one suicide every 20 seconds and one attempted suicide every one to two seconds. Wahlbeck and Makinem (2008) disclosed that 59,000 Europeans died through suicide in 2006. In the United States of America (USA) the number of suicide cases reported in the year 2007 alone was more than 34,000 (Soreff, 2013).

Suicidal behaviours are problems not only of the industrialized countries but also of the developing ones. For instance, Ogunseye (2011) indicated that Ghana recorded 21,500 cases of suicide in 2007. Nigeria, where Enugu state is located, was not among the countries that collected suicide data on routine basis. However, Ogunseye in the same report warned against the increasing rate of suicide in Nigeria. The report confirmed an alarm which was earlier on raised over the rising cases of suicidal behaviours in the country (Okafor & Okafor, 1998). Suicide reports are currently rampant in Nigeria (see Appendix A p. 151). They occurred in large numbers even among Nigerian adolescents which was extremely rare in the past. For instance, eight (18.60%) out of the 43 selected cases of suicidal behaviours reported in Nigerian media were adolescents.

The rising wave of suicidal ideation, suicide attempt and suicide among adolescents is also a global phenomenon. The frequent involvement of adolescents in suicidal behaviours in recent timeis the most shocking aspect of these tragic events (Procope-Beckles, 2007). Procope-Beckles showed that four million adolescents attempted suicide each year throughout the world. It was likely that a lot of others contemplated to engage in suicide. The adolescents in schools in Enugu state might also be involved in these kinds of behaviours.....

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