This work is on the role of the traditional town crier in mobilizing Adazi-Nnukwu in Anaocha Local Government Area for development. This study is born out of the desire to discover the roles played by the town crier, to see if it is effectively carried out for development purpose. To achieve this, survey research method was adopted with questionnaire as the instrument to elict responses from the respondents. Findings drawn from the study revealed that the town crier through his mobilized function has to a large extent has helped the Adazi-Nnukwu towards attaining required and desired development. The study also revealed that the town crier has contributed to great developmental changes in Adazi-Nnukwu. The study therefore recommended that the limitations of the town crier should be properly examined. Also the government of the state should support the town crier in Adazi-Nnukwu so that more development will come to the community.

1.0        INTRODUCTION.
1.1        Background of the study
Human communication is simple but sometimes a complex process by which

individuals exchange and share ideas, information and various forms of symbolism with themselves.

Traditional system of communication has been in use in various ways as folk media and oral media. The town crier as a traditional communicator is symbolically is an organizational media worker, who is appointed by the king or leader of a village to disseminate information and developments of all types to the people.

Town criers are mostly found in the rural settlement because of the inability of the rural dwellers to read and write. They serve as a means of disseminating news to the people. They are appointed by the king or community leader, and he is charged with the responsibility of announcing time for meetings, days of communal labour and important communication link between the opinion leaders and the people, using either the wooden gong or the drum. He is seen as the purveyor of news, and an authoritative messenger. Every message or sentence he makes is usually repeated for emphasis.

Buttressing this point, Etukudo (1989: 211) notes: “The town crier is a member of the town or village caucus with the responsibility to communicate the decisions of the town’s highest administering body to the rest of the people. He uses a wooden gong, and most times steel gong, he is sees as the purveyor of the news, with impeccable character”......

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