The aim of this study was to analyze the Role of Enugu State Broadcasting Service in Conflict Resolution. (A study of Enugu North).To achieve this aim, the survey research method was used. Subjects were drawn from the audience of Enugu North, using simple random sampling technique and purposive sampling technique. Four research questions guided the study. Research findings showed that Enugu State Broadcasting Service has contributed greatly to conflict resolution through the programmes they aired. The research also found out that there is a high level of the state government interference in ESBS affairs. To this end, the researcher recommended that the level of interference of the state government in the affairs of ESBS should be at minimum to ensure efficiency in their discharge of duties. The researcher suggested that further studies should be carried out on the impact of ESBS in sustainable programmes on conflict resolution. Programmes that aid conflict resolution should be appropriately sponsored to make for continuity.

1.1 Background of the Study
Human beings as social animals have always been embroiled in temporary and continuous disputes and fracas collectively called conflicts since time immemorial. This come in the form of individuals against individuals, families against families, kingdoms against kingdoms, and more contemporary, countries against countries. Boulding, K. (1989).

According to Pruitt and Robbins, (2002). Conflict can be defined as “The perceiveddivergence of interest, or a belief that the party‟s current aspirations cannot be achieved simultaneously from gradual interactions between the parties. They are ultimately a direct result of the given relationships and interactions between species, will in one way or another breed friction and discontent thereby, giving rise to perceived injustice and the attendant frictions and agitations. Bercovitch, J. (2002).

However,the need to be recognized as a member of a unit is such a functional social factor, that any attempt or perceived attempt to undo or ridicule the natural statutes, breeds divergent and friction thereby gradually heating up the system to a toxic edge. Wilson,K.(1988).

Thus, minimizing this friction has become imperative as it has seldom proved impossible to eliminate. This redemption notion has given birth to the theory of “ConflictResolution‟‟ a brain child of the need for stakeholders to work out a route of any conflict.....

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