The study finds out the role of Anambra broadcasting service Awka in the fight against cultism in Nnamdi Azikiwe University. It looks at the degree, causes and ways of curbing cultism as well as its implication on academic and other parts of life on the inhabitants in the campus. Survey method was used to gather some information that helped in putting this project in order which questionnaire was used as the instrument to collect data. Simple random sampling was used to select each element involved in the study giving a total of 100 respondents involved in the study. The findings got from the questionnaire show that Anambra Broadcasting Service are doing a great work in curbing cultism in Nnamdi Azikiwe University. It is recommended that parents, government of the state, law enforcement bodies and staff of Anambra Broadcasting Service should take a giant step forward in helping eradicate cultism in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

1.1              Background of the Study
It is always a tale of sorrows, tears and blood whenever cult members are on strike. Inorderwords, they have no regard for laws and respect, any Authority or order. In some higher institutions’ today, they have almost taken over control of activities even those who tried to cross their bridge were wasted in a terrible manner.

Hanks (2003) in a paper titled “focus on the menace of student cult” raised an alarm on senseless killings on the campus and mass acquiring of dangerous weapons by students for they are gradually running the university into a theatre of war. In a further emphasis, the writer attributed this act to inadequate parental care that gives rise to such violent groups of people. Instead they are mostly concerned with their businesses leaving their children to attend late night parties, watch pornographic video films, leading to negative values.

Cult members engage in many dangerous acts such as armed robbery, ritual killing, arson, rape, prostitution, drugs, open conflicts, witch-hunting, assassination and host of other deviant behaviors. In recent times, most of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University lecturers and students have been battered upon and utimediated by cult members. Many lives have lost and properties worth millions of naira destroyed. According to Mr. Gabriel Okpalaeze ( head of news department) in Anambra Broadcasting Service Awka presently their managing director asserted, it is estimated that twenty thousand student have been killed since cultism started at the institution in the 1990s. It has equally been projected that absence of any radical action, another four thousand would die in next twenty years.

There is no doubt that many serious minded students and lecturers on campus are under constant fear of being attacked deliberately or mistakenly by members of secret cults....

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