With today economic situation. A company is searching, on how to make another technology leap in the future by sought for solutions to reduce their telephone bills and monitoring calls.
The primary objective of this project is to design and implement a VoIP system using a Pana-sonic IP gateway card. The client name for this project thesis is ISHO Nigeria Limited; this service will drastically reduce their cost of running long distance calls, local calls, improve workflow, and assigning (PIN), to a user for preventing an unauthorized user from access the central office line. The uses of this service will be considered to be free, for the fact that company does not have to pay for a call within branches. All offices calls will be routed through a network; firm only needs to pay for internet service provider for bandwidth then VoIP is considering to be free.

1          Introduction
            1.1       Background
            1.2       Organization profile
            1.3       Objective, Limitation, and Scope
                        1.3.1    Scope
                        1.3.2    Limitation
            1.4       Literature Review

2          Research Approach and Methodology
            2.1       Methodology
                        2.1.1    Interview
                        2.1.2    Survey
            2.2       Theoretical background

3          Panasonic IP gateway card
                        3.1.1    The two types of IP gateway card are listed below
            3.2       Component of Panasonic IP gateway
                        3.2.1    Panasonic Basic shelf
            3.3       Panasonic IP Gateway Card Status
                        3.3.1    Panasonic Unified Communication Manager
                        3.3.2    Panasonic Unified Communication driver
            3.4       Network Architecture Overview
                        3.4.1    Bandwidth Require
                        3.4.2    Panasonic IP Gateway Card Hardware Requirement
            3.5       Benefit and Obstacles of Panasonic IP Gateway Card
                        3.5.1    Advantage of Panasonic IP Gateway Card
                        3.5.2    Obstacle of Panasonic IP gateway card
            3.6       Panasonic IP Gateway Connection
            3.7       Planning and Analysis

4          Implementation
            4.1       Customer Expectation
                        4.1.1    Personal computer preparation for configuration
                        4.1.2    Panasonic IP gateway card configuration
                        4.1.3    Assigning IP Address
                        4.1.4    Hunt Pattern Assign
            4.2       PBX Configuration
                        4.2.1    Central Office Line and Incoming Calls
                        4.2.2    Rebooting Panasonic IP gateway card
            4.3       Card Configuration Testing

5          Conclusion
            5.1.1    Training
            5.1.2    Further Development
            5.1.3    Estimating Investment and Returns
            5.1.4    Monitoring

1       Introduction
Companies are searching for every opportunity to reduce costs and gain profitable advanced on competitors. Information technology play a significant role, in every companies spending about 10% or more of companies' budget goes to information technology. And it impacts on organization revenue or profit 's is hard to assess. Which make many organizations to squeeze or reduce their information technology costs. But it has never been easy to sustainable sav-ings.

Nevertheless, an additional reduction and efficient are possible if the companies take a board look on how to manage the Information technology as a whole. Telecommunication bills are fast becoming one of the largest expenses and most difficult area to manage in today busi-ness; companies are facing a tremendous challenge on how to control outbound and inbound calls. “Over 500 company processes more than 15,000 telecoms related bill per year and aver-age mid-market –approximately 3,00 per years” (Aberdeen group leading Information technol-ogy marketing analysis firm). Moreover, using the company line to make personal call cost companies huge amount, stay on office line than require, engage official line which makes it more difficult for a customer to get through, cost organization lot of additional cost. And for not making official line available when needed due to engaging by an employee, the needs of VoIP for an organization to save cost have increase tremendous in the past few years. Figure 1 below illustrates the statistics of the research. Implementation of VOIP using Panasonic IP gateway card to reduce cost, monitor right of user and enhances business productivity. Or-ganization that switch to VoIP often report saving between 50-70% of telecommunication cost (Bryce Payne 2015,). This project will be implemented to solve the above-mention challenge and monitoring.

1.1     Background
With today Economic situation in Nigeria, a large sized company. ISHO Nigeria Limited needed to reduce its phones costs locally and internationally, as we all know that effective communi-cation is a key to a successful business. This project is based on finding solution the chal-lenge's raised by the organization. The task is to overturn a solution to their problems by de-sign, implement and installing a Panasonic IP gateway card since the firm already have an ex-isting Panasonic PBX systems in their annex which will reduce the cost of local calls drasti-cally.

The VoIP systems using Panasonic IP gateway card will deliver a better communication and support their existing PBX systems, also meet customer satisfaction.

1.2     Organization profile
ISHO Nigeria Limited is an indigenous owned office automation company with over six annex across Nigeria, the company head office is located in Kaduna state, Nigeria. The company have over 120 employees, and it has been in existence for the past five years, the company have four difference Department which are listed...

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